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The team at Partners Network has managed to create a growing and globally successful business from scratch.

From their headquarters in the Netherlands, they are actively shipping containers with poultry, fish, beef, fruit, vegetables and dairy products from areas with an abundance of these products to areas that are experiencing a scarcity of them. This is made possible by their diverse team with different nationalities, who have knowledge of local markets and products.

Together they form the Partners Network team.

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Partners Network distinguishes itself from its competitors by creating a global network of partners.

Their strength is finding supply and demand. They buy, sell and transport products all over the world.

But Partners Network is different from other traders because of its in-depth knowledge of products, markets and conditions that influence trade flows. The marketing that Giraffes4Zebras does for them, is aimed at highlighting these unique features and making Partners Network stand out from its competitors.

Partners Network was looking for a new marketing strategy and in order to get the job done, they selected the creative team of Giraffes4Zebras.

Their logo has been modernised with a simple change of font, which makes it look stronger. Its clean design conveys a reliable and modern style. The round shapes of the globe reflect not only their global coverage but also the dynamism of Partners Network’s work.

More about design


A good marketing strategy starts with a strong visual identity. Giraffes4Zebras modernised the Partners Network logo and translated these changes into their branding. The feel of the old logo and the characteristic colours have been retained. A modern logo and fresh designs show that this company is willing to change with the times and is ready for the future.


Based on Partners Network’s new visual identity, Giraffes4Zebras developed a new marketing plan. A continuous presence on social media, new giveaways for clients and regular updates of email signatures are some aspects that Giraffes4Zebras takes care of for Partners Network.


Besides frequent online marketing campaigns, Giraffes4Zebras is responsible for designing the product leaflets, creating a brand identity for the various brands of Partners Network, designing packaging and much more.


Presenting yourself as a company at a trade fair is a great opportunity to make a lasting impression on potential clients and customers. For Partners Network, Giraffes4Zebras has created several designs for stands that have been used around the world. With a focus on the products and by highlighting the interests of the exhibition’s audience, Partners Network’s stand attracts a lot of attention in the exhibition hall.

We are aware of the requirements of a stand during an exhibition, from striking designs to quiet spaces for meetings. We manage to combine these elements into a great lay-out that works.


Marketing as a Service offers our clients so much more added value. That is why more and more of our clients switch over to MaaS.

In our projects you will find some of the clients that we are already supporting through this service.

Partners network
Partners network
Biemond & Hoekman
Biemond & Hoekman
Prince Fibre
Prince Fibre


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